Mayaasim was founded by Mr. Ramzi Abukhadra and Mr. Turki Abdullah Al-Dhuhayyan
Mr. Ramzi Abukhadra

Partner, Mayaasim Al-Khaleej Real Estate Development Company, holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Prior to Mayaasim, Mr. Abukhadra was a Managing Director for seven years at JPMorgan Chase Bank heading the asset management division for the bank in the Middle East.

Mr. Abukhadra has held various other senior positions in the region including Managing Director at Rasmala Investments, CEO of iHilal Financial Services, Director at the Carlyle Group and Senior Engineer at Saudi Aramco, the national oil company of Saudi Arabia.

In addition, Mr. Abukhadra served on various boards as a non-executive director including TAIB Bank, in Bahrain (Vice Chairman) and Tatweer (Kuwait real estate developer).

Mr. Abukhadra is currently Chairman of the board at Metlife, AIG, ANB a joint venture insurance company between Metlife and AIG from the USA and Arab National Bank in Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Turki Abdullah Al-Dhuhayyan

Mr. Turki Abdullah Al-Dhuhayyan currently heads new business initiatives and spearheads the overall business direction for the Dhuhayyan family.

Prior to joining the family business, Mr. Al-Dhuhayyan occupied various senior positions in Al-Khorayef Group, one of the largest industrial and agricultural conglomerates in Saudi Arabia as well as senior positions with SPIMACO, the generic drugs manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, which is the largest in the country and is a publicly listed entity.

Mr. Al-Dhuhayyan has been the main driver and visionary behind setting up the medical cluster development on Al-Dhuhayyan land bank and he currently works closely with senior management on bringing this vision to fruition.