Speman instructions for use for men that is part of the drug and whether it has analogues in Russia Speman ForteSpeman – instructions for use for men: what is included in the composition of the drug and whether it has analogues in Russia
What is included in the composition and in what dosage you need to take the drug Speman – examine the instructions for use and find out if he has any analogues in Russia.

How to take Speman Forte: instructions for use for men

One of the urgent topics today is male infertility. Problems with conception are observed in half of the cases precisely because of the men. The main reason is poor ecology, fast pace of life, as well as the lack of necessary care for the body. Real infertility is observed only in 5% of cases. Other successfully treated by changing the habitual way of life, medication. Let us consider in more detail, what are the indications and contraindications that includes Speman instructions for use.

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  • Indications for use
  • Contraindications and side effects
  • Reception and interaction with drugs
  • Differences Speman from Speman Forte
  • Analogs in Russia
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Effective medicinal product based on medicinal plants that help improve sperm production and eliminate stagnant processes of the prostate gland.

The composition and properties of plants

Asterkant dlinnolistny Refers to aphrodisiacs. It has diuretic properties. Affects the processes of spermatogenesis.
Orchis Increases male power
Compass Leaf It has a calming and diuretic effect.
Pearl Parmelia Soothing, tonic, immunomodulatory drug.
Leptaine net Removes the inflammatory effect, tones, fights bacteria.
Argyrea is beautiful Aphrodisiac. Diuretic. Antiseptic.
Velvet bob itchy Used to prevent male infertility.
Suvarnavang Increases masculine power, balances masculine energy.

Important! Efficiency is achieved by the interaction of active components that make up.

Tablets are coated with a shell, which dissolves in the intestine, the description in Russian. Designed based on the principles of Indian medicine. The components are exclusively natural. Plants with different concentrations are contained in each tablet. The number of tablets – 100 pieces.

Indications for use

If you turn to the radar encyclopedia, the drug is prescribed for:

  1. Increasing the size of the prostate gland, which is benign.
  2. Acute and chronic inflammation in the prostate.
  3. Speman instructions for use for men that is part of the drug and whether it has analogues in Russia Speman Forte

  4. Low motility of germ cells.
  5. If necessary, increase the viscosity of sperm.
  6. Prevention of impotence.
  7. Increasing the amount of sperm secreted.

Indications for use – therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, as well as the period of rehabilitation after the passage of the main treatment of diseases:

  • chronic prostatitis (elimination of symptoms, improvement of erection, restoration of prostate functionality);
  • male lunesta high infertility (stimulating the process of spermatogenesis, improving the quality of seminal fluid, increases the ability to fertilize, increase testosterone production);
  • prostate adenoma (reduces the size of the gland and improves the separation of urine).

It is used as an independent drug, as well as a component of complex therapy.

How to take Speman before meals or after? The effectiveness of the tool does not depend on food intake. You can take pills for men before or after meals.

Contraindications and side effects

The drug is plant-based, practically does not cause side effects. Sometimes it can be observed:

  • allergic reaction, which is manifested by redness, itching of the skin;
  • nausea with bouts of vomiting;
  • headache.

In case of occurrence of negative phenomena, it is recommended to temporarily refuse admission and visit a doctor, who will offer analogues.

When taking the drug side effects may occur if a person had previously had similar diseases:

  • hypervitaminosis;
  • heart attack;
  • thromboembolism;
  • cardiosclerosis.

Speman and alcohol are incompatible. Alcohol-containing drinks reduce the effect of the product.

These are the main contraindications for taking the drug.

Exceptions include personal intolerance to the components. Does not affect the ability to drive a vehicle. If you are receiving other drugs, it is necessary to negotiate this point with your doctor. In the absence of improvement, additional diagnostics of the organism is necessary.

Speman can be used when planning pregnancy

Reception and interaction with drugs

The tool is packaged in a plastic bottle, which is provided with detailed instructions for use. How many drink pills? It all depends on the disease.

Tablets are taken as follows:

  1. Treatment of prostate Anabolic Steroids Side Effects adenoma: in the acute inflammatory process, 2-3 tablets are taken three times. The course of treatment ranges from one to two months, it all depends on the stage of the disease and the rate of reduction of symptoms. After reduction of acute symptoms, the dose is reduced.
  2. With male infertility – the daily dose is two tablets three times. The course is chosen individually with your doctor. According to experts, an increased dosage than specified in the instructions gives a positive result.

The drug is used in bodybuilding with vitamins and sports nutrition.

Comparing the drug and its analogues, Tribestan can be distinguished, they are very similar to each other in composition. Speman and Tribestan have some differences.

The difference is that the analogue contains more medicinal plants. The scope of the drug is extensive: stabilization of the menstrual cycle, the establishment of the nervous system, improving the quality of sperm, returns the former pleasant sensations of intimate life. Found active use in other areas, as a highly effective herbal remedy. Virtually no side effects occur. If you consider compatibility with other medicines, you should consult with your doctor.

How much is the drug? Patients prefer it, since the cost is lower and is approximately from 330 rubles.

Can women take medicine? Doctors do not recommend taking the remedy, as it was originally intended for men. For women are suitable analogues in Russia – Tribestan. Recently, it is actively used to get rid of immunological infertility in women.

Differences Concerned About Sleep Disorders Speman from Speman Forte

Differences means:

  1. Color and diameter of tablets.
  2. If we consider Speman Forte composition, there is an additional plant extract – rauwolfia serpentine.
  3. Differences Speman and Speman Forte in different areas of application and direction of impact.

Forte can be drunk without reference to food intake.

Forte tablets are taken to regulate sexual dysfunction, it increases the amount of euculant.

Speman for varicocele, for prostatitis ambien warnings, is not as effective as a drug with enhanced action of Forte. Only a doctor will be able to tell which remedy is better than Speman ordinary or Forte with a specific disease.

The producers of both products are India and Russia.

Analogs in Russia

What is different from Verona? Verona consists of active plant components, and has a restorative effect, normalizes sexual and sexual function.

Speman or Spermaplant have an impact on the activity, motility of sperm.

Spematon has a similar composition and pharmacological properties. They help fight infertility and increase sperm motility. Shown with prostatitis, with varicocele.

Each medication is instructions for use.

Which pills are cheaper: Spermaptant or Speroton? The first option – budget.

Speman analogs should be selected only by a doctor.

Special applications

When taking special sports nutrition suppresses the natural process of testosterone production.

Therefore, after each course of steroid supplements, it is necessary to take tablets with the Forte prefix and other their analogues, which will help the body recover, increase natural testosterone.

A herbal preparation can help completely rid a person of the negative effects of steroids on the body. It is used mainly by athletes after 40 years.

Note! Sometimes the tool is very useful and young boys who are just beginning a sports career.

Andrei, 33, Moscow: “With my wife we ​​have been planning a child for about two years, but all to no avail. After passing the tests revealed an insufficient number of active sperm. I drink tablets about a month. Sperm activity doubled, and is 80%. Side effects are absent. I plan to receive another month. We really want a child. ”

Yevgeny, 50, Vladivostok: “I was diagnosed with prostatitis, was prescribed medical therapy, one of the components of which was a herbal preparation in pills. The first positive changes are visible. Painful sensations receded. And the wife is very pleased. ”

Tatyana, 32, Rostov-on-Don: “We have been living with my husband for five years now, and pregnancy does not occur. Another problem is short intercourse. Husband does not want to go to the doctor, shy. Having found information about the tool, I bought medicine on the Internet. The husband agreed to drink. After a month of taking the duration of sexual intercourse increased. I’m happy. After completing the course, on the test I saw the long-awaited two strips. I recommend to everyone”.

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Let’s sum up

Which herbal medicine is best? You can not give a definite answer. We found out how the Speman differs from its peers, but each person is different, therefore it is necessary to select according to the doctor’s recommendations, as well as personal preferences. If an allergic reaction occurs, stop taking it. To achieve a positive effect, you must take at least three months. Has established itself as a safe drug that gives noticeable results. Before use, consult a doctor.